RevoPath is the brainchild of Forest Baker, whose garage reveals that he has a problem with letting go of bikes and outdoor equipment. Blame it on his first bike tour – a ride across the US. He was an impressionable 20-year-old and that adventure opened his eyes to the transformative power of bike travel.

He’s learned a lot from two decades of planning road touring and bikepacking trips in numerous countries. Good routes have a particular rhythm – balancing beauty, novelty, challenge, ice cream, and beer. And route planning can be a huge time suck, but it pays off. Your friends still talk to you afterwards.

After moving to Truckee, CA, he realized that it was an ideal launching point for bikepacking routes. In 2017, he started the Bones to Blue route and event. Then, after doing a few gravel tours in the Lost Sierra, north of Truckee, he realized the potential for amazing gravel routes all the way to Mt Lassen. Hence, he launched The TruLassen Tour route and event in 2021.

He created RevoPath for several reasons:

1) He saw, first hand, that people were hungry for well-researched, amazing bikepacking routes. The Bones to Blue route quickly became very popular and, each year, just as many people wanted to tour it as do the event.

2) People wanted options – shorter, longer, motels. He was spending lots of time helping people plan tours based on the original, event route.

3) Having local knowledge and regularly vetting routes was extremely valuable to riders. Putting together a really good bikepacking route takes a ton of time and is easy to screw up. Using his local knowledge and recruiting a wide circle of local friends and riders, he’s been able to create routes with “the best” that the area had to offer and avoid really bad sections that other published routes have suggested.

4) He’s wants to make the transformative experience of bikepacking accessible to more people. Bikepacking events can be intimidating and turn off people who are not interested in racing. Offering well-researched routes with itineraries and resupply options removes a huge barrier to people getting on their bikes and having a great adventure.

RevoPath is an experiment and a work in progress. If you have an idea for a route or would like to see other options, shoot us an email. We might just create a new route based on your request. (The TruLassen Northern Guide Pack was based on a request.)

Have a great ride!