The TruLassen Tour Guide Pack

Route Tracks, Waypoints, and GPX File

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To navigate the route:

  • Use your phone with the Ride With GPS app or
  • Download the GPX file to your GPS device.

Route Resupply Notes & Profiles

This document gives you a preview of the route and helps you determine how much water and food to carry between resupply points.

The more miles and elevation gain to the next resupply, the more water and food you should carry.

Print and bring a copy it with you for quick reference during your ride. You will refer to it often.

Member Forum

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Accommodation Options

These are only suggestions. If they don’t work for your trip, feel free make your own plans.

Wild camping is allowed in National Forests, however, check alerts and notifications for closures and fire bans:

If you plan to have a campfire, get a campfire permit and bring a copy of it with you.

Also, only a few campgrounds have bear boxes. Therefore, you’ll need to an Ursack or another effective bear/food strategy. Do not leave food out. It leads to bears being killed for loosing their fear of humans.

  • Night 1:
    • Conklin Park Campground
    • Facilities: No fee, vault toilet, bear boxes, NO potable water
    • There is a stream that flows through the campground, however, it my be dry by the end of June
    • There is no sign for this campground and it’s easy to miss the turnoff on the right because you’ll be descending as you approach it.
  • Night 2:
    • If the water is off, there is a stream and river nearby
  • Night 3: Big Pine Campground
    • Facilities: $12, vault toilets, potable water
    • If the water is off you can filter water from Hat Creek
    • During peak season, there is a campground host
    • This campground is off-route. At the end of the Day 4 track, you’ll be at an intersection. Turn right and head north on the dirt road that parallels Hat Creek. The campground is about 1 mile down that road.
  • Night 4: Domingo Spring Campground
    • Facilities: $14, vault toilets, potable water (from spring)
    • During peak season, there is a campground host
  • Night 5: Dry camp next to Lake Davis or grab a motel in Portola
    • Free, vault toilet, but NO potable water